Delegates Plan Leadership Seminar Representatives met with Texas A&M's Director of Professional Development, Dr. Tony Brown and Rudy Ruettiger, famed Notre Dame football player and inspirational speaker, to devise a strategy for a rural leadership development seminar series.  
Art Seminar & Show to Promote Region
Van Horn will be host to the Texas Mountain Art Seminar, Show & Sale from November 11-17th. The event will feature a small business seminar for artists, as well as an art show and sale featuring aftwork showcas the beauty, culture and heritage of the Texas Mountain Region.
El Capitan

Project 7 Background
Van Horn
is located at the crossroads of the Texas Mountain Trail, 200 miles east of El Paso in far West Texas. A community of 2,500, we have - over the last decade - established the infrastructure to support economic prosperity.

Project 7 Mission:
Strengthen the economy and improve the quality of life for the people of Van Horn while vigilantly preserving the inherent values of community that distinguish this small town, the crossroads of the Texas Mountain trail. Achieve this by:

  - maintaining an astute, opportunistic stance
  - employing sound, integrative and sustainable tourism strategies
  - forming micro-enterprises and technology startups
  - creating and fomenting Van Horn's entrepreneurial culture
  - upholding the small community values cherished by its citizens
  - leveraging technology for the benefit of its citizens and guests
  - inspiring leadership and innovation among its citizens

Now, we are embracing the abundant natural and historical assets in our region and building a vibrant future for our community and our region through a deliberate, opportunistic and entrepreneurial economic development project called Project 7.
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